To stay with him or to move on?

Becky asks if the man she is involved with is the best choice to be in a commited relationship with. She writes, “Is this relationship in my highest good? I know that everyone has imperfections and that there is growth to be had and things need to be worked on but ultimately is my long term future with this man?  Or is there another man waiting? Thank you

Dearest one, you are answering your own question.  For you know in your heart you are not feeling balanced.  There is a great amount that you do not communicate with this one. Not to say that this did not have a purpose and that you have grown.  When two beings do not grow together, when one grows faster then the other, it can be a time of waiting for the other, for their growth to take place.  But if it does not take place, survival of the being must be most important. You must understand that you have grown and you must be who you are. Trust that what is at hand might be a need for to move forward.  Trust. Do not be afraid. I know you’re saying “throw the baby with the bath water”…but you are not throwing anything away, my dear. You have been struggling to keep something.  Dearest one, love yourself, release yourself.  Dance in the light.

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  1. moe April 19, 2010 at 5:25 pm - Reply

    Dear souls. Me and my partner broke up after 8 years. He told me that,,he loves younger guys. It happen to me 3 times in my life, after 3 relationships, what do i do wrong? I’m in my 40’s , not to sound (vain), but people find me very attractive. I don’t understand nothing.I wish one day someone will love me for who i am and my age too. God bless maurice

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