Soul mates and partner relationships

Angelique has been married to a man for 8 years who provides for her and her two wonderful children. For a long time she hasn’t felt a connection with him though. Two years ago during a family crisis she developed a long-distance relationship with a working colleague who is married. She says they feel like soul mates, but he has now withdrawn from her and she is hurt and confused. She wonders if he was a soul mate and if he will come back into her life.

Firstly, my blessed child, the word soul mate (which is used so often) has a very strange understanding in your world. There are no soul mates. There are beings that have promised to come together, to learn, to grow. But there is no single mate in soul. There are many that you will be connected with, many times in one evolution.

Yes, this being you speak about had a very clear promise and the promise was complete. Of course, the bond was beautiful and loving. But do not be upset by it what is at hand. Rather be loving and thankful that this one did come when promised and did help and you survived it. And in time you will understand why.

For there are other promises ahead of you my child. Now let us talk about your partner that you chose to be with and to have children with, that you feel so disappointed about now. So sad, it is almost as if you closed the door on this one and I know in your heart you do not want this to be.

I want you to know that you are exhausted. You are exhausted from life and all of the busyness. You’ve carried a heavy burden; not only a financial burden but also you have been the leader in this family for a long time. The one to choose what to do and when to do it. So you are exhausted. Do not give up on this. But instead, examine it and realize it. What would you tell to your very best friend who is showing signs of such wear and tear? Take time. Take time to find yourself. And your self won’t be that same self again. It will be a rich, more tolerant, more encompassing being.

You are an amazing being with a great capacity to love. You are an amazing mother, a good lover. You know all of these things about yourself. But because you expected that it was a stagnant state, instead of a growing state, or a constantly moving state, you don’t realize how truly exciting you are and how you’ve moved forward.

This goes for your partner as well. He has moved but is afraid to show you who he really is. And so to rediscover each other, I want each of you to talk openly about what you are feeling. Hold each others hands, and look into each others face, each day for the next passage—oh give it a passage of ten days. I know you are busy and live in a constantly changing world. But take the time for this. For ten days each of you must sit together and tell each other something that you don’t believe the other one knows about you. Do not judge what the other tells you, but listen. If you do know that part of them, then at the end of their explaining it, say I knew this and I am sorry that I didn’t acknowledge this part of you. And I know this about that part of you. Do you understand what I mean? Share some part that you believe they don’t know.

At the end of the ten days, sit before each other and this time begin to say something that you know about the other that you think they don’t know. And do that for ten days. Bear with me, be patient. I don’t mean for you to make wondrous love after this. But after those twenty days by holding hands and looking into each others faces and by wiping tears and seeing each others faces, you will be closer then you ever have. That is when lovemaking becomes beautiful for that is what love is. When two bodies touch in unlimited need and you rejoice in love. Then blessed one, there will be no need for words.

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