Krista asks about relationships. In the past year she has had three relationships and they each ended because the guys lost interest in her. She says, “I’m beginning to lose confidence as I keep trusting and getting hurt. I’m confused and struggling with having hope about finding a lasting partner. How will I know when I can truly open my heart without getting hurt again?”

You can’t, my dear. You must open your heart because that is part of the amazing magic of you–that you trust and love. Love is never bad. Even though you may feel these experiences were negative, they were positive. For each of these beings grew from the experience, including you. You are a wiser and more wonderful being now than you were at the beginning of these three experiences. Because they did not have the result you expected you feel they failed. They did not. They had the result that was needed.

For in truth, they were not what you needed. You are an attractive, beautiful being filled with love. Try not to have an expectation of the outcome, but rather to fill the need of love, to have a partner that is one with you. Not in all ways. To be unique and exciting and different, you should never completely know the one that you live with for a long time. There should always be something new and exciting to find out, because that is what draws the two of you.

You are drawing into your life a most wonderful being. I know it is exciting to have one quite flashy and exciting that draws many to them. This being that comes to you is a blessed and beautiful soul, buy will be a little bit shyer then the ones you have met before. So be calm, be still. It won’t be quite as exciting, but it is what you need. In truth, beautiful light, you most definitely are going to have a long, long promise with this wonderful being. But you can attract many more before you meet. Be still my child. Enjoy the light and excitement of being with another. Love you have a great amount of. And when you are whole and feel strong within yourself you will direct it and give it as needed. Firstly love yourself—and then you will never be disappointed in another leaving you.

Thank you, I think that’s good advice for everyone.