This very moment and each one that follows is yours

Chanti writes:

Dear Guides ,

I know time has no limits for you; I understand this principle.  I was wondering if you could give me some guidance concerning the lovely being, the partner that I am supposed to meet.  My heart and soul ask for him.  I know I have a lot of work to do and it never finishes.  But I would love to love again and experience this new love in my life. I feel I am still young and have many things to give and receive.  Could you give me some clue or guidance concerning this new partner? Would he be here in Victoria or we are going to meet somewhere else ?

The Guide’s response:

Oh, my little one, it is true you have found yourself in some relationships that you didn’t really think you were choosing–almost as if you were trying on different coats to find the right one that appealed to you.  You are not going to make the mistakes you think you’ve made in the past.  You have grown a great deal, dearest.  So, do not concentrate on that being that is to come, but more on yourself.

It will come when you are ready.  And, believe me my dear, your depth of loneliness tells you that you are not ready yet, for another being does not make you less lonely.  You are the being that makes you lnot lonely–by your choices and being attentive to your needs.

Do not do busy work.  Do deep work on you.  I know you are frustrated by the element of time. You seem to think it is working against you but this is not so.  You are growing and you are doing beautifully.  So, put the clock to one side and know that all things happen in their own time–you growing and you being united with this lovely being.

Unfortunately, while you sit and think about that being your time of growth is passing.  So, take this very moment and each one that follows is yours, yours to do with what you will.  What an amazing opportunity!  Do you wish to research?  Do you wish to seek?  Do you wish to make some beautiful statement of who you are through a creative force.  Don’t hold your breath, dearest one, be.

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