Hello dear angels and guides.  Where do you see me 6 months from now? What kind of work will I be I doing? Love and light.

The guide’s response:

Oh dearest, you need to be your own boss. Such a talented being you are.  I know you have such sadness in your heart.  You want very much to be living in the ivy covered cottage, but the children and all things have to be around.  There is so much more for you than that. Not to say you can’t have that.  You have a creative force within you; that you know. Everything that you have touched has worked and does very well.

That is why you are feeling a bit frustrated with some parts of your path.  It is about loving yourself.  I will say to you, blessed one, take care of your heart, your love of self and all else will fall into place. Do not think of a path that is six months from now.  Think of it as constantly renewing and opening for who you were yesterday is different from who you are today.  You are more radiant, more beautiful and yet there is tomorrow. Be excited.  Be willing to love yourself my child and you shall be well.