The wind can hold you

What do the guides do for us?

Entities, beings that have experienced the physical life and can no longer dwell within a body, but their learning again still lies with the physical plane but through those that dwell in physical bodies. They have knowledge, but they are not complete in their learning. They evolve as those in your physical world. I have not yet completed all of my learning. It might sound very vicarious to learn lifes’ experiences through another being, but my task is to communicate with that being to help them grow. You might almost think of it as a mother and child, yet it is not that relationship. It is one that is familiar and filled with love, but of course without a physical body. I am limited to what I can physically do for my beloved one.

My task is to fill the being with love to help them find their strength to make their choices, to give them vision, light, strength, through whatever means and manner that I can. Do not believe that there are not occasions in which I can appear, for that is truth. But it takes a great amount of energy from the physical world to do so and I might say that there are those that wish we do not do this. That the strength and growth must come from the entity in the physical world. But we have free will too, as you do in your physical body, and can choose because our learning is at hand as well. When a being that we are with takes a wonderful step, you might not understand that the step might be both positive or negative, but they chose to take a step willingly, we grow. Radiant, beautiful entities growing and learning, unafraid, willing to move forward. We also grow because the love multiplies.

Very new beings have limited awareness to communicate with their guides and so it is a great deal of time or life experiences before it can fully be. But as a being evolves in their life learning, they learn to listen not only with their physical body, but with their spirit as well.

Trust is a human element that so many battle against. They feel that to trust something they must give up their entire strength. They may not understand how empowering it is to trust. It is a big step but the wind can hold you. Trust, ask your guides and trust that there will be a way made and be open, open to the wonderment and the magic of your physical world to support this wish you have. If you feel alone you may talk, or speak out loud “help me.” This prayer, or speech or meditation will always be answered by ones of the light, there are so many of them. Many names your religions have given them. Be not afraid to call to one of them. Trust in this and reach out and know that you will be helped. I thank you blessed being for asking.

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