The simple joy of light and love


Brave soul writes: 

I would not usually ask about relationships but since this could involve such a huge change in my life and the lives of others I would appreciate any kind of advice. I was wondering about the relationship between myself and Joanne.  There seems to be a strong connection maybe from a previous existence and I’ve also had spiritual visions while in her presence.  Whatever the case, as she lives in Australia and I live in Ireland the only option given is for me to leave my home and family and friends and go over there.  I have worked very hard on my spiritual path and I  wonder,  should i be putting myself in some of the situations with other people who still enjoy drinking hard and partying and so on?  I honestly appreciate this guidance.


The guide’s response:

You have experienced maturation of the soul.  When that occurs one has great vision of not only the physical but also the spiritual growth of oneself and others.  That is why when you now find yourself with those that are still into the superficial party life—as seeing that it has an attraction, it fills one’s time and space but it does not make one truly happy.  The aftermath is often very empty.  And dreadful.

As to the one you have met and lives in a domain called Australia, this is a being that you have known in many lifetimes and the instant knowing and attraction was very ancient.  That does not mean you have to walk a path together; it means there will always be an attraction. You want to know if it is incomplete, if you need to be together.  I will tell you that you do not have a promise or a task of learning with this one.  But you do have the simple joy of light and love.  Whether you choose to go and be with this one or whether this one comes to you or whether you just share a time and space together, let it be that:  light and love.  It is up to you to choose the length, the where and how.  It’s as if it is a gift.  Do not belabor it into something greater or less than the sheer light and love that it is.

And dearest, dearest one, do not think of your spiritual path as work.  Think of it as being the blessed being of light that you are, present in the physical world, experiencing with the honor and the delight of being present.  Bless you my child.


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  1. itsme11 May 15, 2012 at 1:50 am - Reply

    Thank you so much guides and ladies for all the great advice. I really needed it especially at a time like this. I appreciate it so much and hopefully I can make myself a better person. All I want is to be happy. I just don’t know how to be because I can’t figure myself out. I sometimes feel alone and I often feel misunderstood. I feel out of place and sometimes I feel excluded and almost invisible. I feel like sometimes people are walking in and out of my life and that I don’t know how to maintain or build relationships. What is wrong?

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