There is much happening in your physical world now.  The time you have come to be present in is not a regular happening in the physical world.  It creates great learning.  Remember this.

Specifically are you talking about physical things, or economic, or cultural….?

All.  All are part of this.  For that that is seen at this time will be of great learning.  It is not the first time this has occurred in the physical world–to be at the precipice.  You have believed this to be from before, but it is more now than ever.

Do you have advice for us about how to navigate this?

Truth.  To know your truth.  To speak your truth.  To stand within that that you believe is being.  For there are many will do the same but will be not where you are.  It is a time when there are many very new souls that must learn, must grow.  And those of you that are evolved will be the teachers–by that that you are, that that you be.  It is not about taking up arms, but taking up words.  Well-chosen words, drenched in love and compassion.