The edge of growth during the overturn of souls

IMG_5441I want to ask about a situation in our country Canada where two different individuals killed soldiers. One of them ran a soldier over and another one shot a soldier at the war memorial and then entered our Parliament building and fired shots. Both of these men were killed as a result of their actions. What I want to know is what was their motivation? What caused them to do this?


It might be difficult for you to understand that new souls find very great comfort in violence and anger. It’s a definite feeling for them. When beings are relatively new, as in having had only one or two lifetimes, they have not the depth of compassion. And they do feel somewhat empty often, and need very strong guidelines to feel secure in the physical domain. They are often led to those that teach a definite, violent, one-directional belief system. They’ve often lived a life of not having any clarity of who they be, or how they be, or what they want. They will often try many different forms of understanding, not only job or relationships, or belief system. They will often be adrift, looking to find something that makes them fit in the body that they be in.

It seems that the belief system they were drawn to was of the Muslim faith, but I know that not all of this faith leads in this direction—just a small sect within it.

Yes. You see, all of your faiths now that exist in the physical domain were written a very long time ago, and the needs and the actions were what they were then. And now they have been translated so many different times by different entities creating what they wanted out of it. And those that see only the violence are new beings, new to your understanding. And they give commands and the others follow. For they have believed. They believe in this afterlife that will give them everything they do not have in this life: a purpose, a love.

And truly when they passed over there was love for them, but not the way they thought it would be. For then they saw their actions with clarity. And they are not proud. And they do not feel that it was a positive, but instead a very negative act. And they are in a time of great learning now. Yes, there is love for them, but there is not the celebration they expected.

Nor is there a celebration for those that left, but there is greater love—and the knowing that they offered the opportunity of growth. They so loved their world, their country, their people that they stood for this and allowed their being to be taken. I am not speaking just to the fact that they were soldiers. I am speaking that they came into the world as evolved beings, and they so loved that they would give the opportunity for one to grow, to learn, to make a choice not to kill but instead to love. It had to come to that very action, and they will affect their world greatly. You do not need to have martyrs to be taught great lessons by these actions: that love is always the greatest action.

So the soldier who was shot, did he choose to come to be that or was it just chance that he was there?

It was a little of both. As to how it would happen perhaps there was the element of chance involved. He came into this world to give, to learn, to teach. He so loved. He loved everyone that he saw.

I never met him, but just seeing his pictures…

He was very joyful, loved animals, loved people. Do not see it as a tragedy, but see it that he did what he came to do. He so loved that he gave his path for another to learn, actually for many to learn. And each will learn from it what they will. That is the greatest spiritual gift: that there are no conditions on this leaning, that he asks nothing back. Ancient beings teach and often times they do not even wish to be the teacher. They teach in a way of just freely loving and giving.

Until the time comes when your religions are renewed, there will be this. There will be those that believe it is only their way, that they must march under a banner that separates them and makes them better. But in truth it limits them from a greater love. No more translations over and over again. This is a time to renew. No I don’t mean born-again, I mean to renew the understanding of what it is to be a spiritual being. For all belief systems have the essence and the wonder. And all beings in the physical form, even if they believe they do not believe, they do. It is and always shall be the constant in the physical world. If you believe that there will be another breath, you believe in a greater power.

Even if we just go to bed and believe that we will wake up in the morning?

Yes. You believe. Yo have not words for it. But you know.

So these religions that need to be renewed or dispensed with… At this time there seems to be even more movement towards rigidity and …

Yes. Always with the dying or religions there is a hotter flame. Know this. You were told that you are present in this world at a time of the overturn of souls. It is a time when you are a precipice of a peak or a renewing, whatever you wish to see it as, the edge… the edge of growth. And in these times there are wars, there is anger, there are clashes of beliefs, and it is because there are a great number of new beings and a great number of very old.

I just hope we can survive it.

Do you believe you will? 

I don’t know.

Then that is your question my dear. For you will create…. and all things are possible. If you believe in the continuum then it shall be. If you do not, then for you there will be more difficulty.

Oh, I see now what you mean. So if I spend my time thinking about the terrible things and worrying that we are doomed, then what you are saying is that that is going to affect my life.

Yes my dear. Bless you. Yes.

 I understand.

Yes. So dearest one, you do want to believe.

Oh yes, I do.

So it shall be.

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