Still waiting to meet her soulmate

Chanti writes about her confusion about energy and vibrational field and the law of attraction.  She asks if she is doing something wrong because she wants to meet a special person but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

She writes:
I feel upset with myself to feel so needy right now for someone. I usually feel strong on my own as a woman and do not feel I need someone to make me feel special. I guess in the last month I feel more depressed concerning this love situation in my life.

Before I left home to come to France I was told I was going to go to France for sure and meet wonderful people and would  meet as well your soul mate. But now times past and soon I will be returning home and I still have not met the wonderful man. So my question is:  Is it possible I am not conscious of what I am doing and I am sending the wrong vibration out there and sending the wrong energy. And it is the reason why I have not met this wonderful man for me ?

I am not pleased with myself to ask you this question because I feel sad and needy and I hate to feel this way, but at the same time, my guides, I am tired of being alone.  I feel I really deserve like anybody else happinesss in this physical world.  Is it too much to ask ?  I feel a bit worried I will be finish my life alone and never experience love again.  So I am asking, my dear guides, would it be in my future finally that I do have this person with whom I could have love again ?
Thank you.


The guide’s response:

Blessed, blessed little one, I know you are feeling very conflicted.  You are trying very hard to be and to do all that is thought of as right.  But what is right for you gentle being?  You know in your deepest knowing that you are a good and a wise being.  You want what you often see others having and feel that you lack in your life. This you must put down.

What you need and call attention the attention in your path is just what you are creating, not what others have or what others say you need or should be.  For many have opinions of you and for you and they are not thinking of who you be.  They are not seeing you as I see you.

So, gentle one, I will try to speak in words that you will understand. Firstly, you are not doing anything wrong. Knowing that you are light and love does attract it to your place of being.  Fear is not a negative thing and worrying that it might not happen does not necessarily attract that it will not happen.  But what it does do, is cause you to talk far too much when you are in the presence of one who might be a great being to be with. So, be still.  Talk not of what you need and how you must have it in your life the first few moments of greeting.  Be still.  Open your heart to a being no matter who they be.  Allow them the space to blossom before you.   Allow them to feel comforted in your energy, not to hear all of the expectations you have of them in the first few seconds, to be, to bask in each other’s energy.

I know it is often fear and nerves that make you talk much too quickly at first.  Look into each other’s eyes and see how your heartbeat is lifted in these moments.  Be not afraid of it.  You will not lose control; you will gain great strength by allowing others to be seen by you and you to be seen by them.  If you identify that they are talking way too much about themselves, just smile with great love and joy on them and hear them and know that they, like you, are nervous, but allow them.

Do not put forth all of your needs in a shopping list before you greet. See them and allow the dance of the energies for some time before you even speak it.  In fact, wait until you are asked what you want out of life.  Wait.  Give time for growth.  Your anxiety that it will not be has created an urgency within you that needn’t be, gentle one.  So, stop putting all of these pressures on yourself.

Allow the universe to hold you and trust that it is there to give you whatever you need.  You needn’t say that you must have it now.  You already know what you have and what you need.  Trust, as well, that whom you find that comes to you may not be a soul mate in your understanding as perfection. There may be things that you will differ greatly but the joy and friction of that will create deep love.  Giggle and laugh that you are not the same in all ways. You would not be attracted to someone exactly like you for it is the balance of back and forth and the difference that creates the love, the man woman love.

The universal spiritual love is what you must allow to expand between all beings that you meet. Do not stamp your feet and demand what you must have.  Allow the vastness of your being to be and allow them to be with you.  Then you will know who is right for you.  You have met many and they have turned away thinking that you had such a list of needs.

Is there any one soul mate?  I will tell you there is one amazing love coming for you.  I would not use the word soul mate as that is a word in your time of living that is often used as some sort of perfection. Dearest one, none of you are perfect in what you might think is perfect.  But you are perfect in all the things you need to work and grow upon.  Love, laughter, is your perfection blessed one.  Be not afraid.  Do not fill the space with words.  Allow this time to listen, to hear, to see and know that will allow them the time to see.  You are loved and it shall be.


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