Believe1Do my guides have anything to share with me right now that will help me along my path?

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My dearest one, my blessed one, I have been with you a very, very long time.  I appreciate this opportunity to use vocal chords to speak to you.

I would like to have hands to hold your blessed face and look into your eyes and tell you that you’ve had some difficult times but you’ve always seen the positive side of things.  And even in the darkest moments I want you to know I have never left you and you have always come through beautifully.

Yes, there will be difficulties ahead and yes, there will be great friction and you will have to do the learning.  That is your learning, my blessed one.

You know a great deal about mankind.  You know a great deal about issues of the love and heart. To stand in the midst all that is negative and difficult and still believe and trust is one of your greatest desires to do.

Ahead of you in your world there are many things at hand, many conditions that will need beings such as you, to stand and be, to not follow the herd, but to stand and be, a beacon of light in the darkness, a steady hand when others are failing.

Yes, my dear, you are an evolved being.  Breathe deep.  Be thankful for the body that you created to carry you.  Be thankful for all those that are around you to support you. But be thankful for being for the simple purpose of this experience.  Bless you my child.  Bless you and I thank you.