abyssA guide came through yesterday with this message for all:

Even the greatest, the most powerful, has moments of doubt for in there lies growth and an opening to allow change to occur.  To allow yourself to shed an old belief, to stand naked ready to grow again.

That all must have struggles that seem unbearable, too heavy to carry.  But when you embrace the great heaviness of it, you are relieved of it for it is absorbed in learning instantly.

When it seems impossible to go on, there is always a choice.   There is always two ways to go, look for them and choose the highest to your state of being.  And how do you know the highest?  Because when you have the thought of the choice do you feel discomfort, unknowing, or yes I’ve done it before and that is how I will do it.

You  should be stepping into the abyss and trusting that it has form.

Bless you.  Bless all of you.