Staying healthy at work, being in the moment

Jack asks about staying healthy at work. He wonders if shorter shifts would help his energy level.

One of your greatest problems Jack is that you simply are always two days ahead of yourself instead of in the moment. If you truly allow yourself to be in the moment that you are in you would not be nearly so tired. You would not be so fractured, you would not feel so scattered and unsure of where you are at any one moment.

You are an amazing being with great healing capacity. And simply your presence has helped so many. It has given them strength as if a light in the darkness. Do not worry so much about the time you work, but think about the time off as a great treasure at the end of it. Just have it there as something wonderful and fun to do and be mostly in your moments.

If you worry so much about the hours and your exhaustion that is what you draw to you, my dearest friend. You are of the light. You love people; you love helping. Be it—every moment of it. Even in such a simple task of wiping something off, do it with true intention, being present. It’s exhausting thinking of everything days and days ahead instead of being in the moment. You are a wise and good being. Understand that right now you are laying down the works for greater things yet to be; a time when you will be a teacher. So don’t fray your energy by being scattered. Stay centered and keep a diary.

Keep a diary?

Yes. It will help him to see what he does. It will help him to see his worth without thinking he’s all over the place. He’s a wonderful being.

So he should keep a diary to relating to work things or…?

Each day.

All right. Would that help other people too?

It helps all beings to be conscious of what they truly do. Instead of being here and thinking about what is ahead, be here and think of what you have already done. It helps you to sit still for a moment, and be in the moment, even though you’re thinking of moments that have passed. Yes it helps all beings, especially in your world where words and communication and visual aids are so important.

Thank you.

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