Stand in clarity and understand truly what it is you need to grow

Terry Davis writes:

I am so hoping for clarity. Please ask your spirit guides for guideance to my question. Will my requests be manifested?  Thank you so much. 

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you have such a difficult time in trusting, believing in that that you be and how others feel about you.  Many times a being might ask for something but not truly understand what it is they need.  And when the request is brought forward, the clarity of the true need becomes understood.  So, dearest one, of course your request will be answered — but will they truly give back what you need?

It is your choice, blessed one, to stand in clarity and to understand truly what it is you need to grow.  Put not your faith in that that has no energy. Trust in the amazing interaction of energies with energies, spirit with spirit, being with being.  Speak of your heart’s need to those that are solid and stand before you — and be not afraid.  You came to dwell in the physical world, to be amongst it to learn it, to judge it, to be part of it –not to be a secret, not to be hidden.  But to rejoice in the physical touch, holding, a voice, words, communication.  These are the elements to learn with all manner that your physical body abides by you.  Trust dearest, trust.


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  1. Dawn December 29, 2011 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    What do I need now to help strengthen my body and mind? What healing modality would best assist with healing before and after my upcoming surgery? I was considering Falun Gong. Would this practice be gentle enough and ideal to support me? Thank you very much.

  2. I wonder December 31, 2011 at 11:49 am - Reply

    Dear Ladies & Guides

    In just a few hours it will be a New Year, and I pray that 2012 will bring me inner peace, joy and positivity.

    Please can you tell me will I find a way to worry less in future……Specifically I ask about my Son, am I doing all I can to help him grow and be happy? I wonder does he get enough time, and is he affected by my worrying nature & loneliness! Do I need to intervene at school and will he find confidence to deal with other children if they are mean. Should I work more to earn extra money (and gain independence), or is it more important to have the time at home with my son?

    Also can I ask what city/country do I need to travel to in order to find romance and love, as there is definitely no-one locally :-( ….Will there be any romantic interest for me in 2012?

    Many thanks for all your time, loving words, advice and guidance.

    Happy New Year to All xX

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