Funtastic  writes:

In a explanation about the overturn of souls, you stated,  “And so, what is needed now are the “middle aged” souls–the teachers, the good politicians, the people who will stand in the middle between the warring factions.”  There are many religious people who do nothing about the injustice occurring with our governments. Instead they say that we are living in the end times and only God can change things. I see this as unfortunate and untrue. We have a responsibility to act for our best interests.

On the other hand, there is Julian Assange who is doing the world a great favor by revealing the lies and wrongdoing of our governments and has come under great attack. This makes many fear speaking out and doing what he had done for fear of their life and quality of life being affected. I do not want to feel hopeless about doing something to bring about a just, moral, and temperate society. What can I do to help bring this about without fear of the negative repercussions from those who feel threatened? What can I do to help Mr. Assange and to get the evolved souls in the critical positions and places to effect this needed change?

The guide’s response:

Oh blessed one, you are a wise, ancient being.  You see the injustice so clearly and this is good, for seeing it is the first step.  There is truth in your words.   Stand for that that you believe in as you were called forward to speak it.  Do not be afraid, but trust, for the truth is your truth.  Your wise wisdom knows that secrets only cause harm.

This being that you see

[Assange] has grown rapidly and quickly and can no longer stay quiet about the injustice that is known within.  By stepping forward he has done a great honour for the physical world.  No harm has been done, though there will be those that will attack those of the light, as you very well know.  Fear not, for no harm can come to those that stand in the light and love in the true sense.  There were perhaps in previous times and existences, injustices that were carried out.

Fear not this, child.  Stand in the light.  Be that that you are, and goodness shall be on your side.  There are more just like this one you seek to help and support and they will come forward.  You will see it more and more.  But understand that it is your wisdom that sees it.  There are just as many that feel it and wish not want to see it.  And its brightness will frighten them.

Stand strong for you are now the teacher.  In your gentleness attack not, but stand in the light of the love.  The physical domain will pass away, but the light and love will always stand true.  Know this blessed one.  It does not mean you must die for your truth.  It means you are stronger than any creation of physical element.  You are standing in the light and you are not alone.

Joanna’s comment:

That is very encouraging.  There are people calling for the assassination of Mr. Assange….

Guide’s response:

This is fear.  It is fear because they believe in an ancient text from un-needed ways.  They judge,, for they fear.  But all is known already, the truth.  These blessed beings, these warriors of light stand in the light.  All of the rules and regulations cannot hold back the truth of light and love.  There are those that will protect this one.  But there will always be those that will try to diminish his light.

It is the balance in your physical world that is needed.  And what you feel is this imbalance that is now present.  But do not fear, trust.  Replace any negative fear with trust and the light and the goodness.  Bring humour to those that cry.  Seek joy for the growth at hand.  The greatest armor you will ever wear, will be love.  Let it be that that you stand for.