Becky  asks about her relationship with a man she has been dating for the past five years.  She wonders if she still has commitment issues like she did with her previous relationship and asks whether their promise has been fulfilled.  Should they live together?

Dear Becky.  You mustn’t be so harsh on yourself.  You believe that you stayed too long, but you had such hope.  You are truly a romantic my child. And you want the romance.  You want to be loved in the way that you need to be loved.  Well, my dearest, you must start speaking it out loud.  For even the being that you are now so very in love with does not know your inner mind.  But he is willing to be and do for you as you need it.

Think not about permanency at this time, but of the sheer joy of finding and loving and touching.  You are a being who needs physical touch.  You need closeness.  Too often you think it’s some fantasy that cannot be achieved, but then you’ve never shared with anyone your true need.  Trust my child.  Trust enough to speak who you are and what you need.  For it is well known you are willing to give him everything he needs.  This is your great growth at this time.  You are a beautiful being.  Be that that you are, my child.  You are light.  You are love.  Speak openly of this.  Not in a conceit, but in a gentle truth of who you be.  Bless you my child.