Speak with your true voices

A guide’s words from our last channeling session.

It is difficult trying to be individual in a world where the society needs great numbers for everything.  And yet on one hand they discourage the great numbers. It is true, you are on both ends of the teeter totter now. It is the overturn. It is necessary to mix both together to find a new form of all things.  That that was will no longer fit; it will no longer satisfy. The coming together of the very old and the very new might find a new language. You all believe right now it is through technology.  But, of course, in the depth of your being you know it cannot be.  It might be the catalyst.  Your true voices must be heard by the physical–that you are here to learn, the physical learning.  Bless you my children.  You are not alone.


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  1. I wonder October 10, 2011 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    Dear guides
    What is the lesson I am yet to learn from ‘L’? We have met again after years and yet the pattern is as before with no effort, empty promises; yet some lovely words. Is there any sincerity or just charm? There does not seem to be any growth in this reunion and yet in some sense I wonder is there a purpose or potential? I am trying to be light and gentle as you’ve previously suggested, but I do feel frustration and disappointment. I would like to know the best way to deal with this situation, do they want a genuine friendship or in fact is my role to let this go….again (and why do we keep repeating the past)? I do not want to be a fool, as on the surface it seems clear they have no time for me, and I would really like to find peace in this ongoing scenario. I welcome any advice you could provide with huge thanks x

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