speak from your heart

Speak your truth because they will know if you’re not

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A guide speaks to a mother about talking with teenagers What is the growing process for teenagers and how can we guide them as they try and make their decisions? Oh, well, always always when you are speaking with them, open your heart to them and trust that the heart will be felt. Always speak [...]

Speak from your heart

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How do I know if staying or leaving this difficult relationship is the right call and in my and my partner’s best and highest interests? Firstly I say to you, thank you. Thank you for asking. Thank you for stopping and considering all that is at hand, and waiting to hear an answer. Because you [...]

Let your children know that you love them

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Changing dynamics in a family I’ve been going through a lot this past year with lots of change going on with my daughter and stepdaughter. I'm feeling exhausted from trying to be the perfect parent. Is there going to be some peace in the near future for me and my family? Oh dearest one, just [...]


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