Soul connections and promises

Someone calling himself “I Have Made Mixtakes”asks about a relationship and a past life connection.  He says, ” I ended a relationship in July because she had addiction issues, that she refused to see as a problem. While we were going out I had a feeling of a past life connection with this woman. On many levels I do believe that we were soul mates.

I am now having a great deal of trouble letting go. She is constantly in my dreams and even though I try to block thoughts about her they still come on a daily basis. It has been five months and I still in love with her. Was she my soul mate?”
You have words in your world now that have nothing to do with spiritual growth and one of these is “soulmate.”  Know that there are many beings that you can love, my child. Many.  And once you have a bond with someone, it does not just dissolve because you choose to walk away from them. It stays and it even grows. And it helps you to grow.

Do not be surprised that you still think of this one. You would be a lesser being if you didn’t.  Ask yourself if you truly want that one back again? The truth is, you were complete. You could call every being a soul mate if you were to exchange love with them, if you were to share the intimacy.  But there are many souls that come into your life for just a small time to help create growth within you and then resolve. And the promise can be achieved in a fraction of a second.  Or it can take a long time, depending on the work that is needed to be done. So instead of pining, or feeling sad, ask yourself what did you learn from your time with this one?  And what are you learning now about yourself?

Dear one, see your growth as a tangible, wonderful thing that you can put in your pocket and carry with you. For the next time you come across it, you will pull it out and say yes, I know this. It is good that you still think of this one as you are a gentle and loving being. Be thankful for who you are my dear. Love yourself.
First published on the “old blog” February 22, 2010

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