Shifts in relationships and moving forward


Zarah asks about feeling a big shift in two relationships.  She says, “I feel as if I am watching them end and grieving their loss.  Perhaps they aren’t ending but just changing. I understand change is important and part of life but it is bringing sadness. The first is with a man I love truly and completely. I feel we may not have completed our promise but feel I am moving forward. Maybe there is still a chance we will complete whatever it is we need to do, I am not sure. The other is with a woman I love as well, but in a much different way. Can you please help me understand these transitions? And I’m curious what is the effect on a being when a promise is not completed? Thank you.  
Dearest one, recognizing is the beginning of the growth.  Know that you are in a time of movement, of forward movement.  That which was, is changing, moving.  You have released from what you thought previously of yourself, and you you have unlimited your being.
Know that you are allowing yourself to move forward, and understand that no one being stays in one place for any length of time in the physical world. I do not mean by choosing one partner or not.  But the very being’s truth grows and moves.  Your vibrational state heightens with every act of learning.  What you might think of an act of learning being a negative thing can often be the greatest movement of growth and that be positive.
You are in a time of not making clear permanent decisions.  It is a time of being fluid.  Allow the love to grow in you, to heal you.  For this is the most important thing now.
You want to know who you are, or the outcome of it.  And that is the process you are in now my dear.
Trust in your ability to find your own truth.  Listen to that amazing being that you have become.  Love yourself and all will be well.


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  1. Lindsay December 1, 2009 at 11:07 am - Reply

    I have always felt an incredibly strong soul connection with S.C. We have had a very complicated relationship; we’ve been many things to each other in this lifetime and I feel like we have known one another far longer than that. I love this person with every ounce of my being. In fact, we have such an intense, otherworldy connection that I worry I will not find a future life partner who I feel as deeply connected to as him. What purpose have we served for each other in this lifetime and will another wonderful soul come along that I can spend my life with? It has always been my dream to love and marry someone who is my best friend, someone who connects with me on all levels. Is this in my future? Thank you for your love and guidance.

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