Leonard asks about his connection with what another person.   He says, “Twenty-five years ago, I met and married my Twin Ray. We were brought together by the Ascended Masters for service. Unfortunately a lot of outside interference and our own deeply wounded inner child kept us upset and we were unable to stay together to complete our mission, despite coming back together 5 times over a 5 year period. After much healing I feel I am ready to move forward, attract a Twin Flame and fulfill my larger purpose.

I have worked as a spiritual healer and counselor and Energy Psychologist and held the vision of a Healing and Light Center for many years and feel it is soon in manifestation. Any helpful input would be appreciated. Thanks! Namaste.”

Dearest one, dearest one, you fear showing others how beautiful you are, how gentle, how loving.  You fear in some way that there is something wrong with you.  There isn’t.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are a loving being of light.  As far as finding a Twin Flame, this is a word not familiar to me.  But for you, a love is what you want, a love, a companion to share all things.  Well, the one you are going to meet is going to be quite different from you, and quite exciting and wonderful.   Continue your work and keep this speech flowing.  But also let the other beings know who you are, not anyone you are counseling if you do not choose to as I do understand that.  But personally, you must share who you are.  Do not hide it.  That is too exhausting for you.  Be the light that you are my blessed one and you will have love.  Yes.