Hi friends, I have a very awkward question to ask. I’m not shy to say who I am.  I’m a gay man. In all my relationships I’ve always met married man. I never understood about that. Now I’ve met a man, very nice, someone I was looking all my life. But he told me he was married! I don’t understand about that.  I know now that I can’t be attached to someone like that. Probably relationship is not for me?  Thanks.

Well, my dear, if that is what you want to believe then that is what you will manifest.  You have been looking at married people wanting companionship.  You want to be with a married being.  Perhaps you should make it much more clearer that you wish to be married to them.

Marriage is a word that your society deems that some should choose and be together forever.  That is a society’s need. But spirit must be with that that is, whether meant to be with or for few promises perhaps, or just simply for the joy of love.  If you wish to be unhappy and sad, then you can– if you wish. But I believe you want me to talk to you out of this.

I believe you want me to tell you that there is a wonderful being for you. But you are not going to meet him through the energy fields that you have been using.  You are going meet on a wonderful walk one day where you will enjoy another being’s lovely little dog and you will start a conversation that is lovely and light.  I will leave you there because of your bright vision of  happy days.

Bless you my dear.  And there is nothing you need to fear or be uncomfortable about.  You are a beautiful being.