Sayloe – I want to know with no bullshit, the absolute truth on what happens to ones soul when one commits suicide.

Well, my dear, suicide is usually the result of a person being in a place of no growth.  This can occur when a being becomes so confused and overwhelmed and sees no other avenue through a certain time or obstacle,  that it becomes a way in which to be in a life.  If the suicide was a choice because many in one’s family or friends had chosen it, it is a different outcome than if suicide is a choice simply because you are fed up with life and chose it in anger at others.

Do you see what I am trying to tell you, my dear?  There are many different outcomes.  As you know, every element of growth and learning has a vibrational quota. Suicide is a negative.  It means you must return to that place again to live and do all things you did before.  They might play out a little differently, but for sure the pain that caused the suicide will be present again.  And you must work though it and you must choose again.  There have been instances where beings have chosen it over and over and over and returned over and over and over until they saw the light, until they saw the wonder in that opportunity of growth.

Your soul passes out of the body and instantly feels regret.  It would instantly see the pain caused for not just your own being, but for others that encircle you.  Those that find you, those that had to perhaps have to clean up the mess. You feel this, the mourning, the pain, the difficulty.  You grow, hopefully.  You don’t move forward quickly because you now must understand the whole effect of that act on all lives that touched your life.  In your time of learning, in between lifetimes, it must be how your whole life affected others.  And often, even if one did wondrous things in life this ending changes that.  And it sometimes corrupts the growth that is possible for one to achieve in a lifetime.

I am not speaking of those who have been in terrible sickness and pain and chose a way out quickly after a long life.  But they too must return and allow that natural process to take place, but it is not quite as painful.  It is this and probably this time of pain, in between lives, because it is a choice that is unfinished, a promise incomplete.  You do know what I am talking about, a promise incomplete.

Bless you my child for your asking.  And if you know of someone who chooses this, talk to them, send love to them and to yourself.