Seek to attain so that you may fulfill the path you came to do

Red Pebbles writes:   

Hi Guides, Would you give me a blunt answer? I’m in a financial jam. While money does not solve all problems it would certainly put out a few fires around me, and close some doors. Do I focus 150 percent on my business with my partners or do I start looking for other work? Can the first option come together quickly and soon, and by soon I mean imminently, or will it be slow to grow and therefore should look to other venues. Please please help. Many many many thanks.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one,  just be aware of all things around you and that that is already present within your very scope.  Many things are possible, but you know there are only some things that you have a desire to do.  All is present in your path.  You choose. All is possible.

It is interesting to me that many seek financial assistance. It is a God in your world and may I say it will never give you the truth or happiness that seeking God would bring you. It has become something to attain in order to be seen and respected–and yet it truly only carries the weight of its physical form.

Seek to attain that that creates the comfort, to feed, to house, to be safe–so that you may fulfill the path you have come to do.  You could all live in golden mansions.  You could hide in rooms that were more grand, but would you find your truth in them?  To some the truth they find is that money has only separated them from those they love.  Some will find that it is a false facade that keeps them at a distance from those they wish to impress.  And some lose themselves in such a place, restricting themselves to small areas over and over again while staying in a place of no growth.

What is it about money that you need?  You do need an exchange with all mankind.  Is it with money, or is it with your heart?  You have come to the physical world to experience.  And in each lifetime it shall change.  You will truly experience great wealth and great poverty and it is the wise one who knows where true growth lays.  Think well before you seek money for simply money.


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