Dear Guides thank-you for this gift. I have so much energy pumping through me. I really don’t think my guides want me to live where I am. Do you have any guidance for me at this point on my journey. And yes, I have had all the memories that I needed to know of who I have been. So much gratitude.  

The Guide’s response:

Blessed being, you’ve had a lot of anxiety.  You’ve had some fears that you are working to overcome, for you may call them unknowns to you but in truth it is because you are fearful.  You are fearful to miss a step.

Firstly, before you start launching off in any one direction, be sure you see what is beneath your feet and that is at your fingertips and that is very much in front of you. A being can spend a lot of time searching for where to be instead of understanding that the very place of where they be can be is perfect if they address with the same amount of energy.

You are a blessed being and you want very much want to be sunshine and happiness.  It matters that you be present in your physical world.  The beings that you want to be with have not shown up yet, but that does not mean you are in the wrong place.  It means there are things yet to make balanced in your life. Instead of moving, seek out you in this place where you live.  Seek out you right now my dearest Sunshine.

Click HERE to see the video of the guide’s response to Sunshine’s Question.