imgresGina writes:

Is my cat Tiger happy?  He will sit and just look at me.  Also, can I still have a healthy baby by the time I turn age 50?  My concern is being able to live long enough for my child to be okay when I pass on and my having the emotional, physical, and financial readiness for a child.  Please advise.  Thank you.



The guide’s response:

This blessed one is trying to cover all her bases. Your dear feline is happy. Felines love to sit and stare. They love to make you squirm; that’s an important part of their being.

As to your other question, physically my dear you can have a child for some time yet. But I wonder if you really, really would want that. I think you sometimes look at other people’s lives and think that there are certain things that one must achieve in order to be. That is not so, blessed one. You are a lovely being. Seek love and happiness for you, and let the rest fall where it may.

There are so many ways that promises can be fulfilled. Perhaps just by loving children, visualizing yourself playing with them, you will understand why it is you look upon others and want to be there.

Be present, blessed one. Seek not to control the future, but control this moment you be in, by seeing it, by feeling it, by hearing it. And not putting yourself in someone else’s mind and thoughts and needs… but in your own. Bless you, my child. Bless you.