Kora says she was recently told that a whole new career is going to open up for her. She asks, “Am I still on the right path for this career? I have also been very excited about working on a project but the progress on this seems to be hitting some roadblocks. I am concerned that someone I trusted with information has stolen it for their own use – can I trust this person to help me along? Would you please help give some guidance on which direction to go with this – whether to seek a new partner or not?”


Many questions. She wonders why this career is taking so long.

Yes, there seem to be some roadblocks and an issue of trust with someone she is working with.

Her natural state of being is to communicate all parts and all things with joy and exuberance. It is not surprising that she would talk of these things and it is not surprising that someone would take this information and apply it to their own path. But this being is a teacher and this will happen in many ways, and she cannot confine herself, otherwise she would stifle that great part of her being that is so free-flowing and exciting. And she must remember that within herself there is newness constantly, and her ideas will constantly be changing and evolving.

So do not worry about that, Kora. If someone takes something then they are growing from you and is that not what you would want?

She is seeing it in two different ways and needs to understand exactly the point she wishes to make.

So she asks if she can trust this person to help her.

Can she trust herself to trust her is what she wants to know.

Ah, the issue of trust is a complex thing because it should only be in one’s own dimension. She is judging this being as well as wanting to trust– and that is where the confusion comes in. She cannot be responsible for that other being’s action and work; she must only be responsible for her own. If she puts her own forward as being the best of her choices, the best that she can do, she is doing the right thing for her being and her evolution. She must not make choices for someone else.

So she wants to know if she should seek a different partner for this business.

In truth, she must seek her own questions and choices. For each being will learn and glean from her. This is not new; this has happened before. This is what she speaks of. But embrace all these beings. Do no see them as someone against, but as someone for—working for the one truth. Be open about this. For all beings will want to learn and use these things. I know it has to do with information and other things at hand. But always something that is positive should move forward.

Yes, so it’s a good idea for her to continue on this path?