Releasing the past and opening to life and love

K writes:

Hello and thank you so much for this blog.  Re: GP,  why are we continuing to collide? I thought it was done. Does he ever wonder what it would be like if he’d made another choice, taken a chance, spent some time? Is he ever sad, or in pain about it all or anything? I understand you cannot tell much about another but certainly there is something that can be said to ease the disaster within? Is there any point in continuing or are we still at a dead end? Is there a word, a song, a name, place, a scent, a picture, anything that will evoke a specific memory, anything that I can suggest to him that will allow an opening? Thank you for your patience and love.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you are trying very hard to project you into another being.  This is not something you can do.  You must put your mind to rest for you are weary with the thoughts.  Your struggle is with that that was, instead of that that is.  Remove these thoughts and chaos from your mind and bring stillness to your being.  You are a beautiful being, worthy of great love from those around you.  But you see them not for you are so focused on that that was, it is not for you right now.  I say this not be harsh to you, blessed one.  But you see not that that is right before you, one moment, light, love, joy.  You are very heavy in your heart with sadness and wanting that that was.  But blessed one, it was always an unknown to you.  You never felt secure within it.  It was always great work and exhausting and you won’t even allow yourself to feel at ease now.

Feel it, release the tightness in your hands and open them to life.  Allow it to flow with ease through you releasing, accepting the wonder of your being. Your prayers are not for that that should be, but for that that was.  Understand that that was; it was growth.  And see the growth for what it was.  And you are a wiser, stronger being and your choices will be different now; they will be much more healing for you.  Look around you, blessed one.  There is much support for you. See them, hear them and your own being.

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  1. sw December 28, 2010 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    I wish to create more ease financially this year. Can you tell me how I can shift my understanding to create this? Is there anything I need to release or to open up to? I work in two positions right now. A kind thanks.

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