Question about commitment and open relationships

Almandine writes, “Thank you for answering my question about Polygamy and Life Partners, but I still am a little unclear.  First all, I realize that there is no “better”–that there is truly no “right” or “wrong” as we are all at different stages of growth and we do what works for our own selves.  Yes, I know that some beings are at a stage of growth where open relationships might work best for them, but wouldn’t you say sex is at it’s highest form when with just one other person if those people do not feel forced to commit, and if other promises have been fulfilled? Or perhaps not needing sex at all, if one is ready.  Isn’t it a more enlightened show of love and devotion to abstain from sex, if you are ready and instead be great friends instead with all the people you might choose to have sex with in an open relationship? Isn’t it best when it is with one other person, if that person wants to be with just one person, rather than sex between those that want to have open relationships?

Answer me this: Must all things be gray with you guides? Can’t some things in this world be black/white, if there is space allowed for people to grow gently as needed.  Just like there is always a highest vibration, yet other vibrations are not lesser and beings should not be pushed to raise their vibrations unless ready? Yet, is there not a higher vibration still, when it comes to that?
Oh, I know you’ll say I am judgmental and like to pigeonhole, that I need to chill out, but isn’t it just a given that sex is in it’s “highest” form when shared by two people that are comfortable with being with only each other?  Blessings and forgive me if I am sounding brash, it is not my intention to be rude! But I need to know.

Just stop hiding, dearest one.  You hide in so many ways.  Such a creative force you are, very talented and very, very wise.  Your thought processes are brilliant, and yet they exhaust you.  Trying to put all of the pieces together to fit in a form that never was, or ever will be for you.  You’re intimidated by the speech of others.  Know that some of what you receive as their wisdom and wonder is negating that that is yours.  Each being can only be responsible for their own path.  You seek permission for your own truth.  There are many truths my child.  The most important for you is your truth. It doesn’t mean it fits others, but it fits you.  And allow it to change as you have been trying, but it doesn’t fit in that truth, so accept that.

Does that give you an answer?  I know you want black or white, but remember there is not even colour.  So, how do you apply an energy to what you are doing?  It is true, gray is the colour you are choosing, a nothing, an in-between, a no state of being.  Your heart aches to have pure love, seen, understood, heart, held, then be that my child.   You cannot place your desires over another if they wish it not.  You must be true to yours, otherwise you will be in a state of no growth and that is harmful to you.  Love yourself enough to stop hiding, to be.  Look at the different processes in your life the desires to create voices for others.  And whose voices do you need to create?  Your own.  Truth, they come in many forms, but they are all steps to the one.

There is much asking about height of sexual goodness within this one.  Sexual stimulation and the feeling of wonderful euphoria that is part of this action.  It makes this one feel very confused in wanting it.  For very much confusion lies in the early years of this being. There was a situation that caused confusion.  Blessed one, take some time to love yourself and understand that your path has had some tremors.  That is not what you would call it.  You would call it actions that shocked your spiritual being.  For I am not surprised that you care confused by love and the sexual and physical. Take some time to heal this part of your being.  You are applying other beings’ understandings upon your own process and this is the root of your confusion.  Bless you my child

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  1. Mary October 11, 2010 at 3:26 pm - Reply

    I went to a psychic over the weekend,(my second time ever) and was told my spirit guide’s name was Enuk. Enuk had a message for me and that message was “watch where you are going”, and she clarified that he meant literally and not metaphorically. I was hoping to get more of a clear direction from my spirit guide, and I find myself paranoid of things to come. So I guess my question is, “What, specifically, I should watch out for?”
    Thank you so much.

  2. Almandine October 11, 2010 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Thank you for answering my question, it was kind of a difficult one. You shed much light on the confusion I experience, this blog is such a gift. Thank you, I will spread it’s light to all that would be open to receiving it’s truths.

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