FS asks for guidance about swinging from feeling very strong to wanting to hide. She asks, “Am I creating any roadblocks in my career or personal romantic relationships or am I flowing along? If I am blocking can you please tell me how to release myself. Also my friend B.N. do we have a greater promise that is to be fulfilled (I had felt we had a big promise) or are we finished? I get overcome with tears whenever we part or when I look at a photo of my friend and I am not sure why as nothing really terrible has happened between us.


Oh dearest one, you are doing just fine. You are an evolved being. You are very often confused about this physical world and its conditions of acceptance and society’s needs, but in following your own truth you are very good. Be not afraid of it though. There is a little bit of fear within you that you need to dissolve away.

What you had with your dear friend—it still exists. It was never more than that. He did have a promise but it was not a deep, long lasting, or evolved. You’re overwhelmed with emotion because you are such a tender soul—and need very much to reconnect with a being that you have known in many lifetimes. As to whether this is going to happen or not, it is taking some time. And your frustration is noted.

There is a being that you are going to meet that you are going to be very happy with. Trust in this my child. Trust in all your steps. You are doing very well.

Thank you, I’ll pass this on.


When a promise is complete with a person, you have the choice of moving forward or staying with them. That one needs to move forward. Know this.

The one who asked the question?



Thank you.