Promises and relationship with our guides

light on treesHow can Circle participants hear the words in a written form and absorb the vibrational connection of the guides and the love that is shared?   

What has occurred in these instances, in these communications where there truly is break of natural flow of what occurs in this spiritual physical realm.  You must understand that.  Is it an abnormality?  Yes, my dear, actually it is in many ways. It is not the normal accepted way of being.

What these dear beings are experiencing is truly a reuniting.  It is almost what they would experience should they be passing over.  It will not occur the same way in a text because they may not be the words or the vibration of the being (personal guides) that loves them.

But they certainly can glean a certain amount of information from these things that will give them an opening, a key, this is what you are handing them, a tool.

No, you cannot be for them the love that is surrounding them.  You hope that they will be able to find it.  If they are feeling it not, which is a very sad thing so this is what you want to do is to help them to understand that this is their haven even if they are not feeling it right at this time.  Until all beings experience the love that surrounds them, they may have taken on an attitude of reluctance to accept it, but they do feel it. That is a constant. The love never ever stops.

We do not choose entities (spirit guides) to surround other ones that would have an uncomfortable effect on them.  It is always one of harmony.

Did I hear you say that guides are chosen for other people?

It is often done when there had been a difficulty, when the being has had great difficulty in the physical world.  You’ve heard of many entities called those of the light. There is a great huge group of highly evolved beings, that actually….you might find it amusing but, it is not a conference, but there is a communication amongst us that a being needs help, that they are not getting the information.   And perhaps not to say a guide is not getting through, or isn’t helpful, perhaps the learning is still in process for those that are helping.  And then there would be one chose to go, to assist.  You might call this one an overseer.

So, before you come into a lifetime you choose your promises and your guides?

You look at what you have done. You understand the vibrational acceptance of how much you have absorbed from that life.  It is all very clear as you do not have limitations of feelings.  And you get to see perhaps how you didn’t complete a promise as maybe as much as you wanted.

Or, you may return to promises that you have already done because you have evolved.  You can look back and see that you did something in a certain existence that you thought at the end you did quite well, but since you evolved you now realize that perhaps it wasn’t learned so well.

This is the truth.  You have to know every part of your promise to be whole in it.

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  1. Elizabeth April 17, 2013 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Oh Oh! I know about the ‘conference’… I’ve seen it/felt it… all this is so familiar to me. How wonderful.

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