Oneness and connection with all beings

Glennis writes to say that she appreciates this blog as a service to those in need. She says she has no question but would be interested to know if the spirit guides could answer a problem so far away. She says, “I am in New Zealand, the other end of the world. I would be pleased should the spirits speak of me at all.”

Yes, this is a wise, tender being. She often feels quite alone and afraid to speak her voice. There is deep, deep intelligence and great ability with this one. It is as if living two lives right now. When she feels ready, she will ask.

How is it that you can pinpoint the particular situation so quickly?

Because I am of the energy of all. I have no limitations of body, or distance. I am part of you, part of this planet being, part of the one I so pleasingly borrow the vocal cords of. Indeed, you ask, you see there is but one energy. Oh, it is all manipulated and worked to create different structures for different learning opportunities. As if I vibrate these pieces of flesh or you hear words so you create a picture. But we are one. The ability is limitless. When you have this understanding you will realize the oneness that you are, one.

I think of it as a great pool or ocean that we can just dip into and connect. We so often forget that oneness though.

Not once you have understood it, then you cannot separate from it.
Can we be in this oneness even though we are in the physical body?

Of course. What you are wanting is to have the sensation physically of Nirvana, or that peaceful state as if a hypnotic trance is over you. But the information is there always. When you dwell your spirit in a physical being, that you create to carry it, free will is an essential part of it. It doesn’t close you, but it cushions you until you are ready to have the knowledge. You are. It is why it matters not about distance. It matters not about the depth, form, substance. It is. You three can sit and be at one. You might think that you are separate from the great one, but you are not.

The bonds you have created amongst yourselves, at this time are both physical and spirit ties. You dwell within these ties more easily then you can consciously accept the understanding of swimming in the great soup. Whatever is necessary.

You do hold the light. I AM with you.

Thank you so much.

Jane and I just love the phrase swimming in the great soup. It’s such a down-to-earth image for oneness.

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