Y writes:

Hello – Can spirit tell me if J is a match for me. If yes, is the timeframe soon? This lovely man lost his wife a few years back and I’m wondering if he is ready to love again.

The guide’s response:

Yes, yes and yes.  This blessed being loves love and that is a wonderful thing.  Oh, your world has many theories and expectations and talk of baggage and conditions but yes, this lovely being wants to love.  You must be ready to love too.  I know you fear somewhat.  Let go of all of this. Dance in the purity and this innocence of love.  Understanding it has growth and growth is a wonderful thing.  Given the subtle difficulties, but bless every one of them for this is truly what you do need.

If this being talks of that that was, fear it not.  Embrace the richness of this one’s life and the richness of yours.  Do not think if one enters into a new love that all that was must be forgotten.  It only makes the all, the whole, of all part to see more beauty.  Bless it and bless you for being willing to love.