Obstacles to doing spiritual readings for others

Kristine says she’s been wanting to do spiritual readings for years, but she keep skirting it by working at something else. She asks, “Can you tell me why I would be avoiding it and how I can begin and where? My home, as cute and cozy as it is, would be a great place to begin, but it is very noisy, like there’s a constant buzz in my head. I understand there is a great amount of water running under our house. Is there a way I can quieten this “noise” and ground our house better so I can proceed? Or should I seek another place to do this? Can you also tell me about my right hand? Thank you so much, love to you all!”

Busy, busy, busy–this being, this blessed one. It is not surprising that she has not found time to help in the spiritual growth of others. For herself, there are many that seek knowledge from her, that depend upon her for so many things.

One would never choose to drain a being’s ability until there is nothing left so that her own path is not experiencing what she needs.

The busyness about her home does not bother her. This being has evolved to a place where she could do spiritual enlightenment with any being at any time. It has nothing to do with the house. She needs to find a place to sit, to feel comforted but the obstacle is not with the dwelling, it is within her. She feels she must do these things to be loved.

Tell her that she is loved and is now in the process of loving herself. She gives this right hand great strength. She trusts that this is her hand to freedom, her hand to being, a hand of strength. She holds out this connection with the universe (God, whatever she wishes to call it) and holds on strong with it. This being is in the light.

There will always be many things in the physical world drawn to her and in time, when she can feel that the core within her self is strong, she will help many. Tell her to keep dreaming, with an understanding that she is a wonderful woman. Bless this child.

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  1. Kristine February 4, 2009 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    How sweet this advice is! I am very uplifted by it and will work on loving myself so that I can give to others.

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