Moving forward on your path

Esperanza writes:

Now that i have made a lot of mistakes and have finally become clear on the whole idea, I would like to continue on and really give a lot of energy and effort and work into my web site business.  Is this still a profitable and wise idea? Is there any other advice you can give me to help me along with this venture? Are there partners out there still who would like to work with me, who will be willing and excited to make this happen?

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, I know what you are asking and I know you have asked before.  Yes, dearest one you are on the right path and you will find that you can do this.  I know you have become… well, there are many paths varied and wide as yours.  There are important tasks you must pay attention to.  You have not lost anything.  It is alright if you feel you are standing still for you know that there is forward movement.  You haven’t gone backwards, you have taken a breath.

Continue, blessed one. You don’t really need to have a partner to fulfill this task that you have set before yourself.  I know you have put obstacles in front of your own as almost if the need to fulfill your need of doing this is a secondary thing.  Do it for your own being dearest, for the survival of you.  You will always take care of those that need to be taken care of.  Take care of you first by fulfilling this and do not feel so helpless about it, for you are not so.  You are strong and radiant my Esperanza.

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