Motherhood and Mother Energy

I have a question from someone with the initials ML. She says, “I feel (with shock and sadness) that motherhood has passed me by in this lifetime and wonder why. Is it for a purpose I am not aware of?”

Dearest one, dearest one, you concentrate too much on one thing instead of understanding the whole of what motherhood is–to love, to give, to support. You do not see how you have helped so many beings. You have been this for many and yet you have not truly understood all of what you have done. This physical domain has its strict limitations sometimes and sometimes these can be broken. But you can move past this by mothering whomever you choose my dearest one. There are many that can be drawn close to you. You need only ask for it. The limitations of the flesh are not something to fight against, but to embrace.

You have a most amazing ability to love. Allow it to be free. As you know very well, even the dear ones that try to console you, you often find yourself consoling them. Love–allow it to flow through you and truly understand that Mother Energy is what you are. It doesn’t always have to manifest. I know that you want to have of your own. Dearest one, you have had many of your own. See the goodness in who you be and understand there is much more yet to be. You will see in time, blessed one. Do not stop loving.

The guides often use the term Mother Energy as a synonym for God or Tao. I just love the words Mother Energy in this context because for me it conveys both unconditional love and the creative force in the universe. And we are all are little sparks of this Mother Energy walking around in physical bodies, experiencing our lives, expressing love and fulfilling our promises in this world.

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  1. Gail June 8, 2009 at 3:54 pm - Reply

    I feel tired and blocked at every turn. It seems there is too much work and too little day. I am depressed, do not want to talk and wonder what is the use of anything at all.SGW

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