Juls asked about her family’s future

Juls is concerned about her husband’s health and its effect on their future.

She needs to understand that he is truly the one who will heal. She is not responsible for his health. She is responsible for her choices, for her love for him. There is a part of her that is frightened, angry, worried, and she needs to release that. To embrace this gift that she has now. To trust that with each opportunity she will make choices that will fortify and heal her future, her life. That if she makes choices that are for her own growth, to her understanding, she will create for herself what she needs.

She also had a question about her son who is high school and has difficulty taking tests even though he knows the work.

Yes, he has great intelligence but he doesn’t always conform to the norms that are being tested in your world. He might be more comfortable with a different form of communication, perhaps with a teacher that would give verbal tests instead of written tests. She could help by speaking on his behalf. She has not done a lot of communication with the teachers. In fact has seen them as against him instead of for him. I believe if she tries very hard she can find a form to communicate for them to be with him. This is not something to hide, or say its bad or negative. It isn’t at all. In fact he has assumed the understanding that he is not very smart when in fact he is very smart. He needs to have it openly discussed. He is very intelligent and can do these tested expectations by verbal means.

Would the school be supportive of that? Sometimes they aren’t.

If the school will not support him then she needs to remove him from there and find a place that is. Everything should be taught in a supportive way. Not a place that is condemning but in fact helping, students to reach out and be the best they can be. She can find the support for him. She has done this in always. Tell her to trust in this one’s abilities.

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  1. Mike R November 18, 2007 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    I appreciate the dialogue on supporting our loved ones while taking care of our own growth, as well as advocating for the best supports for them.I have a few questions that are related perhaps, I will leave it to you re which ones are appropriate to ask the guides or which they would like to respond to:I have a relative who’s partner is in very serious ill health and seems to have difficulty beeing needy and accepting support. This makes it especially difficult for my relative. Are the dynamics the same for my relative as for Juls?Also, I am the guardian of a senior german shepherd dog that seems to have sufferred much neglect in his past previous to coming to me. How can I best support this beautiful companion spirit at this time? He is not the best at interacting with other dogs, though sometimes I wonder if that is what I have to try to help him with for his growth now.Finally, any suggestions about how to best approach my present job and it’s challenges in supporting clients seeking to grow in terms of my own growth and path.

  2. pat November 18, 2007 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    My question is a general one about trusting your intution when it comes to someone close to you. I had terrible dread about a partner’s surgery but did not say anything. I thought perhaps my anxiety/dread overruled my intuition. It appears now that my intuition was correct. I have friends who tell me the “closer we are” to a situation the harder it is to be objectively intuitive. Is this correct?

  3. Christine November 28, 2007 at 8:16 pm - Reply

    I am very confused by my relationship with Jim with whom I have been involved for over seven years. Is he my soulmate? Is this a relationship that should continue or should it end? Am I wise to help him or should I let him find his own way? Could you give me any advice or guidance that will help me decide what to do?Thank you.Christine

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