More discussion on fear and guns

IMG_1791This is a continuation of our talk with the guide that began with the question about alien abductions. We moved from that into discussing fear and the many who  feel they need to carry a gun and the shootings of innocents that can happen.

Fear is one of the amazing tools that you learn with. It is quite rampant right now, partially because of many rules that societies have set up that people should follow. And the freedom of experiencing and seeing your own truth has been limited in the past. It is only now that people are accepting their own truth. But in the confusion of old stories and old beliefs there is a great element of fear, and the truth is struggling to find its way through.

I find it difficult to see how people who feel they need to carry a gun in their pockets to guard themselves from their neighbours could possibly welcome someone from another plane.

Elements of growth, my dear. Could be from another plane or another country. Again, the fear often comes from that that is different.

The fear of a stranger.

Yes. But all of you are one energy, God, that immense energy. That I am of, that you are of, that all beings, all creatures are of— all created for growth. And those that are new and unevolved will fear more intensely. And will act in a way that will harm themselves more than others, although they can harm many.

But you must allow them their growth. No, don’t allow them to shoot and maim and kill. Take away, whenever possible, their weapon, but know that they will try before they accept that they are love; that the power within them is stronger than any weapon they will carry.

You’ve talked about the people with guns having the opportunity to grow and I understand that, but what about the bystanders? Is it just bad luck?

Sometimes, unfortunately, an element of chance does create opportunities for these things to occur. But sometimes that being that had the bad luck was a very amazing being that came to offer an opportunity of growth for that one who took the life. They so loved the world that they gave their life for it. That is an opportunity of growth. See it not as a waste.

And those that were just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and needed to do many other things will return to do what they need to do. They have not been obliterated, nor have they disappeared. Even though the belief in your world is that they are gone, never to return.

Yes, that’s a very pervasive belief.

They shall, sometimes quickly; sometimes not. It’s up to them.

The culture of a group has taught their young by how they lived that the way to help one find happiness and peace is by harming and shooting others. You see it in many parts of the world. They think it is a way to resolve their unhappiness or their poverty, or their need to belong, is to make everyone afraid of them. It isn’t. But it is up to them to learn, to grow.

It’s hard to get your head around the fact that there are countries with ongoing wars and struggling, but then we have a country that is so full of wealth and health and they can’t go across their lines without feeling they need to protect themselves. The gun laws are crazy.

Because you are an evolved being and have experienced death by this violent means. You know what it’s like; you would never choose it for another being. And you would never wish it for the path of another being. Why they must do this to grow? They must. It’s not up to us to ask why but to accept that they will grow.

When these things occur, arm yourself with the light and the love that you know. It does have an effect. Not just for the families of those that have moved on, but for those that shot the weapons.

Visualize them, hold them in your heart. It is the only element that can heal them. Love.

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