Message from a cat

Ruth Anne says her dear cat Misa suddenly passed away recently.  She writes, “My husband found her downstairs; we had been watching the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. We have received so much love and joy from this wonderful cat, whom we call our daughter. We have given her so much love back and we have cherished every minute of her presence. Now, in our grief all we can think about how much we will miss her. I know she’ll still be with us in spirit but we’ll miss the chance to talk to her, stroke her unbelievably soft coat and just cuddle her. If she has any messages for us, we will really appreciate to hear them. Many thanks, blessed be.”
Yes, she is fine, she is fine.  And it wasn’t an act of cruelty, it was an act of great love.  I know that might sometime seem so difficult at times, but all is well.
Ruth Anne is asking for a message from her cat.  Can animals communicate after they leave?
Of course.  They use their form of communication, why wouldn’t they?   All creatures have this ability.  The message is “yes, do so.”


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  1. Pam Case February 6, 2010 at 7:09 pm - Reply

    The other evening a call came in from a ‘private’ caller. Usually I do not answer these calls because they are most always selling something. For some reason I decided to answer the phone. The caller asked if I did energy healing. I was leery, but told him yes. He asked if I saw auras, or what type of healing did I do? I asked for more information about him. He then told me that he was living in Tibet and that my phone number had come to him 2 times in meditation. I could tell that it was an international call. He said that he wasn’t selling anything, that his name was Pradush. He simply wanted to tell me that I am doing very good work for the world. He said that I’ve really transformed much in the past couple of years and that this year was going to be even more transformational for me. I thanked him and we said our goodbyes. I like to believe that I am doing good work through my astrology and pendulum clearing work and teaching. My question for you is ‘Was this call for real’? Thank you so very much.

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