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Peace to all that encounter you, to seek the highest.  In all manner of actions and choices in every world of your passing day.  There is growth in the choices you make and you know when you are doing something less than the vibrational state that you be in.  But ask for help for when you feel lost for it is there for you. Honour your being.  Honour your truth by asking.  For you are wonder as you are.

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  1. Anonymous November 5, 2011 at 9:08 pm - Reply

    Dear Wonderful Spirit Guides:

    Thank you for this opportunity to connect with you.

    I have a strained relationship with a close family member. I know you know who I mean.

    I have distanced myself emotionally from this individual because of past violent incidents and because I no longer trust this person tells me the truth. Am I handling this situation wisely? Could you please give me some insights that will help me in my dealings with this individual? Can you please tell me how I can better help some innocent family members who are caught up in this situation?

    Thank you again for your help.


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