Rich Loving Joy:

I feel as though my heart is calling me forward to a new place to live but I can’t quite figure out where that is …… back to Nova Scotia? Somewhere here in Victoria or perhaps a totally new and different place? I know I’ve long since outgrown where I live now – but where to from here? It feels as though there is nothing left for me here in Victoria and it’s time to move on. Any guidance that would most help me to find my way would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed, blessed child, the deep frustration you are sensing has very little to do with places–for that that you create will go with you. You have always enjoyed adventure and must seek it at all times.  You find yourself having difficulty communicating with people and often feel separate and alone.  You are a very wise being and have lived many times.  You have walked this physical plane and so many places will seem familiar and welcoming.

You believe that you are complete and finished in one place; it is not the place it is just that you feel you cannot find that that you need, that communion.  These beings they have great love for you.

Be not impatient, blessed one.  Seek to find that inner voice that you need to speak.  Be not afraid of it, move not away from it.  Fill your being with the light and love of who you be and speak your truth.  Bless you, my child.