Many opportunities for growth

Growth1How can I keep from being affected by things other people say and how can I speak up in the right way?

Dearest one, if you understand what the physical lifetime is about, it is about growing, about your spirit growing, moving and changing, there are many opportunities for this that will arise again and again.  But, if at some point, something very familiar occurs and if you are reminded of a different time and a different action you took, and you felt that that action is not right then you have grown, you have learned.

If you were to act the same again, you are going against your growth in a pattern what we call a state of no growth.

A pattern in which you are repeating over and over simply because it is familiar, or you are afraid to step forward.  But you are not this, my dear.  You need not repeat this over again.

You even know yourself now, you are somewhat afraid to get upset, over heated or shall I say excited about somethings you might think of or tire of, or not what you want to say.

You know you now take a deep breath, be still and think about who you really want to present this time.

Are you defending yourself?  Are you reacting? Are you acting?  Or do you simply want the words to be from your heart.

You may think this takes too long but actually in a second it can all happen.  And you will speak from your heart not from your heated actions of the past. Don’t worry about so many things my dear, you exhaust your mind.

Know that you are growing and have compassion and empathy for your being and decisions once made will not be made again.  You have grown.

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