Omaloma   writes, “Two life changing events have happened within the last month, the most recent on Wed. Sept 29/10. I am trying very hard to stay present and positive, but feel like I have lost my purpose in life.  Will my life take on a new meaning again? Will someone come into my life (after I have “cleaned up my inner life, in counseling and seeing life coach)? Loneliness is such an insidious monster!

Yes, loneliness, disappointment, sadness.  Why?  All of these words fill this gentle being at this time.  This is a being of light and love.  Of course, there will be love again.  Dear one, you must be willing to open your heart to it.  Allow yourself time. You have always the great ability to love again, to trust. You might feel lonely now, but you believe and so it shall be, blessed one.