Kora asks about her dream project.  She says, “I am so sure this is going to be a success but I need at least another team member but I just don’t know where to find this person. Am I not supposed to have another member? Would you help in any way to guide me in the right direction, or to the right people to help make it happen? Many many thanks.”

You must alwlays be careful of those that want to shine so brightly that your truth and idea gets somewhat tossed to one side.  And so you are right to be somewhat protective….but also to seek out another being.  In truth there are five other beings that will assist you in your project as you call it.  It is your passion and your truth and you shall fulfill it my dear.  Stand tall in it.  Be clear on what you need.  Clarity, isn’t that a funny word to use?  For that is what you are going to help to give to other people.  Trust my dear.  Follow your path.  You will find the right being.