Tyler writes:

I have an amazingly talented mother who needs to find her self confidence to pursue her dreams of living and supporting herself as an artist. What’s the best thing I can do to be helping her live her dream?

The guide’s response:

As you know, to live your own dream, for you also want to be happy, to move forward with the greatest joy of seeking your own. This own, will make her happy. Dear Tyler, you are a wise, wonderful being, and you’ve had a lifetime of worrying what others thought of you. And you worry about others and how they be.

It is to just stand in the light. Mother can do this for herself as well, very well.

She also is somewhat afraid of what others think of her. Is this the attitude under which he learned? Yes. Does she need to be fixed before he can be? No. She must alter her views of everything and her fears of things on her time. And he is already doing so.