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spirit guideNicole – Dear Guides,please can you tell me if I have a spirit guide(s). I have been trying to sense their presence for many years now, with little success. I have asked them to let me know that they exist and that they’re there for me, and for them to show me how they get in touch and ‘speak’, but I’ve never been able to confidently discern a reply. I’ve wondered if many things have been messages – from subtle signs, to the small ‘wise’ voice that seems to speak from somewhere deep in the centre of my head – but I never receive any confirmation that the information is correct and end up questioning, wondering (and eventually dismissing) everything I’ve seen, felt or heard.

I even consulted a ‘relay medium’ who gave me the name of my primary guide, but have since discovered this person was a little less than honest in the reading he gave! Was the name correct? Another psychic told me I have a guide (an ancestor of my mothers) currently helping me ‘kick start a dream hidden under me’, but I have no idea what this ‘dream’ might be. I would be grateful if you could help me find some clarity regarding this.  Many thanks.

Oh, my dearest one, yes, of course you have a guide, you have many.  And trust that a being can live a full and complete and beautiful life without ever conversing with their guide. The relationship and the communication they have with you must be right for both.  For some reason you are doubting.  You either believe that they do not exist and are so firm on that they are having a great deal trying to open up your heart.

Instead of trying to look for words, or phrases, or a telephone call from them listen with your heart. When you see a child, or some dear one in your life, and that warm feeling that comes from the center of your being towards them, it is on these lines that your entities will speak to you.  And at that moment, perhaps, you could even ask them how this person is doing and feel it with the whole of your total being.  For truly communicating with your guides is on the line of love, compassion and empathy.

Some beings have evolved to the state of being able to receive dictated messages, but blessed one,  most beings do not. And that truly isn’t the reason for their presence on your path with you.  It is to help you to grow and find the strength within you to make the choices and to have the understanding that those wise thoughts are your thoughts.  It is not the dependencies they want to form with you, my blessed one.  It is a loving knowing that you are not alone and that you walk, talk and strong along your path with beings of light with guidance and love, just as you are a being of light.

There are so many rules and regulations and books  of how to and not to, so many religions of what you should, or should not do, or be, or feel or see.  Can you just for a small time put these things down and simply stand in the light of who you be?

How much light do you feel already?  You carry the heaviness of expectation of what it should be within you.   Release it and put it down. Relax your hands.  Open your heart. Open your heart to you, the light and the love of who you are will help you to hear their wonderful love for you.

You can continue to go to psychics or beings that try to help you.  They are all seeing and searching for you, but you already decided when you went to them that they will not be able to help you.  You want to punish yourself for some reason; close that door that you, and you alone, will not hear your beautiful guardians.  No, my dear, you can.  You can because you have been in that place, that spirit.  You know its peace, its stillness, that quiet.  You know it can walk with you if you choose to allow it.

It is never going to be a guardian that is a grandmother, or a relative. If they may be with you it is because they worry of you. They often still have paths to complete themselves and are simply just in a state of visiting.

So, the ancestor of her mother is not a guide?

Yes. The cellular bond is very strong and it often does call out to those that have not moved on yet.

So, you mentioned the guides want to help us on our path.  If we want to be more open to them are there any ways of how can we do that?

Oh, there are so many ways, Firstly, understanding that you are one with all things.   Even though your body separates you from your loved ones and friends, giving you form to the energy that you be. You are all one, you are all still in this amazing soup in this world you dwell in.   And the spirits that help and guide and assist, they be part of the one and that is why your thoughts are their thoughts.

But to feel and see the thoughts of those people you love in the world with you, you must use your mouth. Your guides hear your thoughts.  They feel every fear, love and joy.  So try, in your world, to take times to be still, to find a place where the energies are calm and still and you will feel their being there with you.  Do not expect words but expect skin warm perhaps, bumps, a need to cry or giggle.  They work firstly and very well through the emotional state for emotions help to make choices better than anything else. Remember their task is to help you grow.  And in helping you grow, they grow.

They are not going to abandon you.  You could never do anything so wrong that they would ever leave you. And they do not have names, my dear.  They no longer need names as they are vibrations.   They are the whisper in your ear. They are on the touch on your cheek.  They are always loving, always caring, never judging  harshly but being very truthful.

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