Asks about the   Occupy Wallstreet movement is going on right now. She wants to know: How do  we deal with police brutality? How do we deal with the police when they start attacking PEACEFUL protests? What is the best method of action here?

Also, how can I, personally, best help the Occupy movement? What could I bring to it? What do you think I would best be suited to doing?


The guide’s response:

Interesting the name this one uses.  Interesting for it has hidden understanding. Blessed one, your voice is needed.  For that is what this is about—to be heard, to be seen.  You are not wanting to be one to stand in the middle of this chaos.  But you do have a beautiful way of thinking, and you do have a beautiful state of  being a part of the understanding.  Write.  Send it.  To those who ask, speak it.  Be heard.  Step forward in the manner in which you can.

As for those that would choose violence, that is what they are learning.  Surround them in white light, that they may learn it quickly, and see their actions and feel their actions.  It’s not a matter of standing and being hit.  Of course, get out of the way, draw back.  Never meet it with violence, for that is where you are at.  Understand that those that choose it are trying to learn it.  And hopefully, (for it is an unkown)…but hopefully in those moments when they are making their choice, they will feel the light and the love.  And they will know that light for it is part of them too.  And their arms will not have the strength to hold anything against another.  And in those moments they will grow, and they will stand with them too–in love instead of in fear and anger.

Dearest one, you are a great teacher and leader.  Don’t fear that that you have been.  Some ancient ones, when they see this again, they draw back.  They remember the great negativity from then.  They have learned much from it and choose to not enter into it again.  But since it has come to them again, they must find another form of armor.  Your words, your voice, your ability to send forth information.

You wonder how this will be resolved, when they will listen?  But until the words are put forth to them, they will not.  So they will not have that form of communication; those have been controlled, it must be in wordy, long letters, in pages on white paper, the words of the people, that need to be heard.  Inundate those that are in power with the words.  This will have the effect.

You see, that that does not touch them personally will not create growth for them.  It doesn’t mean to hit them or to cause harm, but to put it before them so they cannot even jump over the words.  Be noise, blessed one, in whatever manner you can.  But do not act against the violence in a violent way.  Let your armor be love.