Nancy Chanti says “Last year I left my marriage because I felt it was the right thing to do. My marriage was very hard I felt neglected and lost my self-esteem. I loved my husband very much but I could not understand why I was so sad in it. My ex-husband and I were seeing each other all year to see if we could see some change. Then I went away for 5 weeks and when I was away my ex-husband emailed me to tell me he found someone else and does not want to go on with me anymore. I am so sad about this decision. Now I want my marriage back and it is too late. I want to know if it was a mistake to leave him last year?”

No.  No dearest, it is not a mistake.  You were tired of playing the game.  And truly he is still playing games. Now you are wondering if it is the truth or some fictitious state in which you live in.  So, take a deep breath and understand your idea that all statements, or vows, or decisions must be written in blood, or chipped in stone and so it must be forever.  Is it true? No dear.  You grow, you stretch, you breathe, you move, your vibration heightens.  Your DNA becomes clearer and your vibrational code is very clear right now.  You are teetering a little bit.  You are a little confused, but you made the right choice.  Now, dust yourself off.   You are off the playing field now and you are about to embark on your own path again.  It is good.  Take your time.