Anon writes:

Dear guides I have been having so many memories of past a life in Egypt; 3000bc is the latest.  There has been another really dominate one. You know I was a deity ? All of the knowlege is coming to me.  I know I am meant to live this LIFE, just being and allowing.  But can you please give me a little guidance; there is so much energy coming through me at time.  Thank-you guides.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, it is not for your greater growth to know at this time exactly who you were.  It is true, you were a ruler that lived under false pretences.  They believed you were male; you knew you were female.  You then returned in the time where you dwelled with the opposite effect.  They knew you as female and you knew you as  male. You did this understanding at that time for it was easiest for you to do so.

So, I am not surprised that you are drawn often to this time in the history of the physical world. Many parts of it, symbols, will remind you of two important lifetimes in your evolution. But what is the importance of past lives?  It is now, the present where the importance must lie.  So, in your memories of that time try to bring forward what you learned.  You learned very much that it is important to touch. You learned very much that it is important to speak your truth.  You learned that all beings are equal, that no being, no matter what their title, is of greater importance than others.  Walk in the learning of that time, blessed one.  It will help you understand many things.