Kora was also told that she would meet an amazing being – the love. She asks, “Is this being still on my path? I have met a few people who I am learning from but are letting me down as I open myself up to them. I want to trust and to be open but am finding myself discouraged and hurt at times by disappointing behavior. I realize I am eager to find my “love” and possibly a bit impatient and need to just trust that all is working according to plan, but I could really use some reassuring words or guidance to help me along.”

There is an amazing being that she is going to meet. Her impatience has been noticed. But she is such a being of radiant joy and light. Enjoy meeting beings. Enjoy each one. Have no expectations. I cannot tell you how many you will meet before him, but there are many.

For she is encircled by many beings that want to be close to her. She is to enjoy them; relish each being with the light that they bring, the bond that they make with her. Have expectations not about what shall be in the future but be in the moment. Tell this blessed being to be in the moment. to reap it, instead of looking to harvest something that has not yet sprouted.

Dear heart, you are a good being. You have blessed, bright light. Many will seek to be close to you. Be. Just be in this time.

She has helped many without even consciously knowing it. She has taught many. Be for yourself the teacher at this time.